Freakonomics Analysis

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I really enjoyed the book Freakonomics. To me it was a kind of what if sort of story. By what if I am referring to the other side of situations that people do not explore. The authors of the book probably took in some criticism for some of their views. However I think that it was worth it. It really opened my mind to situations that I never thought could be possible. The deepest topic was the theory that Roe vs. Wade could really have been the catalyst for lowering crime. The most interesting topic that was brought up to me was the crime-rate decrease. I personally believe that Levitts theory can be true. Most criminals do come from low-income teenage moms. So when minorities were able to basically get rid of burdens thus the potential…show more content…
This is due largely in part to the environment that these teenage moms raise their kids. In most cases the moms really don’t want to keep their kids, I know this from first hand experience. I have an aunt who abandoned three kids. However when you present a chance for someone to get rid of a kid they really don’t want, you also present a chance for a future victim to be put out of harms way. The only thing that honestly I would do is to lower the price of abortion. Then more and more future criminals would be nonexistent. This was the issue that I was most fascinated with. The next topic that I want to reflect on is how the KKK was stopped by superman. See I was brought up to believe that the KKK was stopped when US troops were sent down to protect blacks against racial prejudice and disenfranchisement. However I did not know that the KKK was revived once a book entitled A History of the American People was released. This book was written by former US president Woodrow Wilson. In this book he said that the KKK was a great empire in the south to protect the southern country, so if the KKK action was backed by a President, then how could this brutal group be
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