I Stand Here Ironing

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I Stand Here Ironing Reading “I Stand Here Ironing” I was uncertain to what the message I was receiving from the text. Once, done reading it I still was uncertain so I read it again. As, I was reading it again there was something that hit me and I realized this poor child was lonely and withdrawn from the world. She had to beg her mother for attention. Emily in my eyes looks like a poor sad woman that had been crying. Her cheek bones sunken in from lack of eating and nourishment; she looked like a very unstable person. I believe this story, in the argumentative purpose, is to inform and possibly help the audience make decisions. The argument is in a deliberative form. The mother, whom is the narrator, is focusing on the how she treated her daughter and the way she was raised and looking how it has affected her in her teenager and adult life. The way her mother had not loved her like every other mother would love her child. Emily’s mother did not show her love, she did not show her the compassion and attention Emily needed to be like her mother. Emily may have a sense of humor but that could have easily been passed on to her in the short time that she had lived with her father’s family. With her father being absent from her life she did not grow up with a father figure, which could have had a big influence on her as well. I know as a young adult my father has helped me grow as a person just as much as my mother has, if not more. He still shows me more and more how to be me, he has shown me to live, laugh and love like every day is going to be my last. My mother shows my how to love my lover or the love of my life. She has taught me how to be a wonderful wife and mother when that time comes. Emily did not have this experience. She had a sad sorrow filled life that no girl should ever have to live through. “I Stand Here Ironing have many different kinds of arguments.
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