Analyzing Mary Potts 'Future Home Of The Living Mod'

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1/30/12 English II "Future Home of the Living GOD" I believe the story " Future Home of the Living GOD " is about Mary Potts . She was givenup by her mom when she was an infent, living with a foster family ( Alan & Sera ). They are a wealthy family that Loves and has high expectations for Mary Potts. Mary Potts is pregnant and believes theres an illness going on with her baby. She finds the letter her moms writes her and calls the number she left on it. After calling her mom "Sweetie" , she finds herself going to her biological moms house; Only to expect the unexpected ... I can relate to when the little sister of Mary Potts comes first meets her older sister. The rude and disrespectful things she said to her was totally unexceptable.

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