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Clara Barton, was one of the most influential woman of the 19th century. Her hard work and dedication has led to the success of one of the greatest humanitarian efforts, of all time; The American Red Cross. Her love for nursing began while caring for sick family members, and persuassions of her Great-Aunt Martha who told her stories of her experiences as a mid-wife. In her early years, she worked as one of the first woman teachers. She later resigned, and worked in government as a recording clerk. When the Civil War broke out, she felt an immediate need to help. She cared for wounded soldiers and eventually became a major player of regional health care by providing troops with much need medical supplies and also by enlisting herself in their care. Later she went on to help identitfy more than 13,000 unnamed wounded or deceased soldiers. After the conclusion of the Civil War, Clara went oversees to provide aid to conflicts abroad. While in Europe she learned about an organization called The Red Cross and brought these idea back to The United States. Thus forming The American Red Cross. Clara also had many accomplishments in participating in women’s sufferage and Civil Rights. (1). On December 25, 1821, Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born in Oxford, Massachussetts. She was the youngest of five children to Stephan and Sarah Barton. Stephan was a farmer and state law maker who served in the American Revolution from 1775-1783, while Sarah managed the household. Clara first became interested in caring for others after listening to her Great-Aunt’s stories of her experiences as a midwife. Then when she was eleven years old, her brother David fell ill, and became her first patient. She loved what she was doing and wanted to make it her life‘s work. At age 16, Clara Barton became one of the first woman teachers and taught near her birthplace for 10 years.

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