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The piece I performed was “Be my Baby” which is a play by Amanda Whittington written in 1997. Set in 1964 in St Saviours- A Church of England run mother and baby home, Be My Baby follows the fortunes of Mary Adams, aged 17 and seven months pregnant. Being brought to St Saviours, Mary and her fellow inmates have to cope with the shame of their pregnancy and the dawning realisation they must give up their baby for adoption. Yet despite the daily battles with a no-nonsense Matron, the girl's effervescence shines through. In this play all cast members are female; Mary, Mrs Adams (Mary’s mum), Matron, Dolores, Queenie and Norma. In the version of “Be my Baby” that I was involved in I played Mary, A 17 year old girl who is very shy and doesn’t like to speak much. The particular scenes I was involved in were Scene 1, Scene 2 and Scene 4. The first scene consists of Mary Adams and Mrs Adams being registered into St Saviours by the Matron, lots of questions are asked by the Matron and Mary feels slightly unsettled. Scene 2 is when Mary and Mrs Adams are shown into Mary’s accommodation, they are both shocked at how dirty and unpleasant the room is. Towards the end of scene 2 Mrs Adams does not want to leave her little girl in a place like this, but has no option. The last scene I was in was Scene 4, this is where Mary speaks to the Matron about having a day off work in order to go to an interview. Matron does not want Mary to apply, this is because the job Mary wanted was in Eastbourne and this is where Mary’s boyfriend lived, Matron is very reluctant to even let Mary ring the employer but realises its Mary’s life and she has to make her own decisions for herself. The acting style of my piece was Naturalism, and the presentation style was Realism. We dressed the characters in costumes to communicate period and character. However due to the nature of the assessment we could not

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