Gathering Place Short Story Essay

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The Gathering Place By: Cheyenne Holton It was mid September in 1954 when Skye had entered the most exciting part of her pregancy. She was expecting a little boy who was going to be named Tristan Scott. She had chosen this name for its nobility and strength. She had been put on bed rest and forced to quit school due to what she had believed to be minor complications. She had already decided to put her entire life on hold for her dream come true. She was only but 16 but she knew all she ever wanted was to be called "mom". She was busy making all the preperations for a baby shower. Enjoying all the perks of being pregnant. She and her friends who sit around the house for hours discussing all the things the children would do has they grew up, who Tristan would look like most, how she hoped that he had his fathers eyes and her hair. It was a dream come true and she had never been more ready. Until one dreary rainy morning in October. She woke up early that morning not feeling very well although at 27 weeks you never really feel well. Until she found blood. She and her boyfriend rushed to the hospital. She was beyond scared has they rushed her to Labor and Delivery. Everything was moving so fast. Her boyfriend and family were trying to reassure her that everything was okay. Although her inner maternal instinct had told her that everything was far from being okay. The doctor had confirmed her worst nightmare. There was no heartbeat to be found in her unborn son. She was distraught and lost. She couldnt even speak. She knew she was now going to have to deliver a still born son. After 14 hours of being in the hospital she was asked to enter into a small silent room to say her goodbyes before she left the hospital. Unsure if she could do it she entered the small pale room with her boyfriend and mother at her side. She knew that she had to say

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