Young Miss Tilling's Issues

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Characterization - Young Miss Tilling’s Issues In the short story we meet Annabelle Tilling, who is a bashful 15-year-old girl there lives in London alone with her mother. Her mother’s friend Stan lives more or less with them. One day at a morning assembly Annabelle takes all of her clothing off in front of her entire school. Later she tells the Head that she doesn’t know why she did it she just wanted the attention as follows. When Annabelle is in the Head’s office, she seems insensitive towards the Head and the issue. The Head sends a letter to Annabelle’s mother, where she tells about the incident, her mother just laughs – not the reaction Annabelle expected. That clearly shows that she doesn’t care about her daughter’s feelings. Annabelle doesn’t like to admit that her life has changed a lot since her parents got separated. Now she feels unsecure talking to her mother and their conversations have become a routine. “Annabelle came into the kitchen where her mother was drinking tea and looking at a magazine. “Hi!” she said. “Any news?” which was what she said most days.” Their talks have no drift and are pointless. Since her mother spends her greater part of her time on Stan instead of using some of her off-duty hours on Annabelle, Annabelle lacks her mother’s attention. She just wants acceptance for actions. At home she feels overlooked and in the school she fades in the crowd. She is just an ordinary girl nobody really notices. Annabelle is having a hard time accepting the fact that her father and mother aren’t together anymore and her father has been replaced with Stan. Stan makes her uncomfortable and she doesn’t like the way he behaves as a replacement for her father.“Stan read the letter. Grinning hugely, he looked up at Annabelle. “She’ll have done it for a dare, I bet. Good on yer, Annabelle. Terrific! God-I wish I’d been there! “ He patted
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