Workplace Ethical Dilemma

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Workplace Ethical Dilemma Jennifer White BSHS 332 August 19, 2011 Audra Stinson, PhD Workplace Ethical Dilemma Ethical dilemmas occur in all facets of life. Ethics play a role in work, school, disciplining children, all of which will, at some point, experience a dilemma. On a daily basis our ethics are challenged and we faced with a choice to make. Work offers a variety of differences whether it be ethnically or socially, and co-workers often come from all walks of life. This makes the workplace an especially vulnerable environment to ethical dilemmas because of the diversity present on the job. I work for a transportation department at one of the leading hotels in Texas. Within my position I am responsible for many things such as driver’s schedules, driver’s route assignments, entering transportation requests and so on. These tasks are expected of me along with a strong emphasis on the hotel values and maintaining positive work relationships. When I report to work I expect to have to deal with typical work responsibilities but I never expect to have to play middle man to a coworker feud. Two of my closest coworkers do not get along. They cannot work together or share responsibilities. The situation is trying and every approach possible has been taken to encourage these two ladies to work it out. Recently, I was called down to the hotel’s Human Resources Department to be interviewed concerning how impossible the feud has become. I was asked to give some insight into the character of both ladies because the situation had progressed to the point of needing disciplinary action to be taken. Initially, I did not want anything to do with the situation. I would allow both women to vent to me when they needed to but as far as reporting their behavior to management I refused to be involved in. When I was told by my manager that Human

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