Employee Turnover Essay

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Week 4 Assignment 1: Employee Turnover Hospitality Industry Professor Danika Rainer HTM150 Marcia Dickens February 2, 2013 Employee Turnover The hospitality industry offers a wide spectrum of jobs and careers, down to the waitress at a restaurant. Most jobs at a hotel, restaurant or other establishments are considered part of the hospitality industry. Employee turnover may be quite high because usually the pay is very close to minimum wage and often times, the worker has to depend on reasonable tips in order to make a decent living. The type of a worker in the hospitality industry needs to be patient, resourceful and engaging. Customer service is an essential ingredient in the hospitality industry. At times, hotel guests can be hurried and rude and this attitude may affect the worker and cause them to quit their job. Management in this type of industries depend on the success of the business. Success always has to do with profit margins being met. The net of the hospitality industry is, how much profit is being made. This depends solely on the guests patronizing the business regularly. Repeat customers are necessary for the business to be successful. The turnover is quite high because of the 24 hour scheduling and the demands on the worker to be responsible, hospitable,
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