The Importance Of Democracy

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In 2008, I along with Barack Obama ran a campaign for a very important position. At the time, becoming the third grade student council representative was all my heart could yearn for. It was in my campaign that I had mirrored after Obama’s where I learned the importance of democracy. I was only eight years old, but I was beginning to learn the art of networking. I was found sliding a piece of candy into the hands of peers as I made lofty promises about a new and improved school climate. My tremendous and grass-root effort to gain a seat in the council paid off, and I remained holding a seat in student government through my high school career. Government occurs in many levels due to the United State’s federalist style government. Though my elementary…show more content…
It is not unusual to see board members shedding tears or extending a hand to those who share their criticisms or appreciation. It is in these soft moments where emotion is welcome that I have come to realize that politicians and the US government are not simply a machine that takes input and creates output. Those who decide to run for a seat have a vested interest in the preservation or betterment of America. I wholeheartedly believe that Stillwater’s school board is filled with well-intentioned people. This speaks to success of democracy at this level. Board members are there to represent the community and represent their wants and needs. However, when these wants and needs are neglected, the community will turn on the decision makers. Though this may bring bad media to a school board, city council, senator, or president, it adds weight and credibility to democracy. Democracy is a form of government in which people interact, it does not require perfected success. Because of this, I would argue that the Stillwater School Board is a wonderful example of successful local democracy; the community is engaged, the board members are devoted, and decisions are being…show more content…
After the closing of Marine, Withrow, and Oak Park Heights the community is broken in two. Every miscommunication is viewed as a plan to misdirect and mislead the members of the community because their ability to trust the board has dissipated. The community needs to heal, part of that will come with new blood being elected into the board, but their needs to be a shift in the board’s ideologies. During an open forum, a woman was begging for transparency from the board and insisting they follow the open forum protocol that they had instituted and only follow when the open forums positively regard the board. After sitting through many meetings, it has become apparent that consistency in regimen and board meeting procedure along with honesty would be a great benefit to the board. Every organization is complex and hosts a wide variety of troubles, however, when the group’s job is required to represent and protect the next generation of Americans, it is imperative that they are sincere in their work. When this occurs, the success of stillwater’s local democracy will be

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