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Worst Job Ever I Had Essay

  • Submitted by: youngatheart
  • on September 11, 2010
  • Category: English
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2 September 2010

      Working in a Gold Mine was the worst job I have ever had. I was working there though a work-study program where I was to learn how to run heavy machinery.   First of all the work was physically very hard and dirty. My shift consisted of 12 hours a day, five to six days a week. At times I had to move large rock piles from one place to another place that was about 10 feet apart, using just my hands and body strength. Sometimes I worked on the conveyer belt sorting rocks, or helped to build bins or chutes, that was used to put the rocks as we sorted them. I was always covered in dirt and grim from my work, that I felt I would never get clean. The second thing that was bad was the pay.   I worked 60 to 72 hours a week for minimum wage of $2.85 hr., which didn’t give me much time with my family. I was a single mom raising 4 children alone with no family to help me, which mint I had two full time jobs. Finally, the working conditions were just horrible. Just imagine this if you can, There was no heat or air conditioner, for I worked outside all year round in the heat, rain, and the in the snow. The only protection from the weather we had, was a tin roof over the conveyer belt. Plus I was the only female of a crew of 20, which that fact alone was hard it’s self. And my shift supervisor who name was “Animal”, was worse than his name. Not only was he a chauvinistic and egotistic he was racist. He was always criticizing me for just being there. He didn’t fill a women should be working around that many men. On several occasions, made menacing sexual remarks, which to me, he had over stepped my boundaries. I couldn’t quit my job so I went to the labor board and filled a complaint. Sad to say, I still had my job but Animal, would never work for that company again. One last note, in the two years that I was there, I never did learn to run heavy machinery.

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