Workplace Conflict and Resolution

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Jones International University Workplace Conflict and Resolution Dr. Arlene Gibson Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for HUM201 Peace and Conflict Studies By Lael Ashley Riverside, California July 24, 2014 Abstract Conflicts in the workplace is a continuous issue throughout every workplace environment. Conflict in the workplace mostly involves organizational conflict which is demonstrated when a union and management dispute over contracts or management and subordinates have problems in the workplace. (Solomon, Dekel, & Thomas, 2014). Workplace conflict is caused by people’s differences and how they perceive everything around them and how they approach it. There are many different types of conflict. The first type is interpersonal conflict, the second type is organizational conflict, than there is inter-group or ethnic conflicts that are demonstrated in the Israeli and Palestinian issues in the Middle East. The final type is international conflict that is expressed in extreme struggles, such as the Iraq War. All these types of conflicts share some of the same characteristics. At the same time, they have important differences between them. For Instance, most conflicts include a sense of identity that is usually threatened by conflict. However, one conflict may be one’s personal identity and in another, it may be a collective identity. On the contrary, most conflicts consist of interdependence in both parties. (Solomon, Dekel, & Thomas, 2014) Workplace Conflict and Resolution Peace and conflict surrounds us in our everyday lives. Conflict in the workplace has always been there and some of us try to avoid such drama, especially when it is just pure childish and ignorant. Other’s just know how to walk away and the majority just feed into it. What everyone should know is how to manage and handle conflict. Escalation of the Topic
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