Patient Care Affordability In Nursing Care

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Hermania Faulkner Lanette Cook MGMT 318 15 August 2012 How the Patient Care Affordability Will Affect Skilled Nursing Facility and Administrator The Skilled nursing facility (SNF) is an institution or certain part of the institution where continuous nursing care and other types of nursing and rehabilitative services are prescribed by a physician and provided to patients within the facility. The patients are not in an acute episode of illness but require only rehabilitation for an injury, disability, or care for the sick. The mentally incompetent are not usually cared for in these types of facilities. This facility will employ an administrator to manage, supervise and direct persons employed by the facility as necessary to make sure…show more content…
The newly enacted law has been through the shredder and back again before being agreed upon and with the help of Congress, being voted into law with a 5 to 4 vote. Although some are not fans of the PPACA, the general population who is affected by and depends upon on or more of the provisions of the PPACA are happy with the new law and appreciate the services it extends to the general population. One provision that the new law affects is Medicare reimbursement to SNFs. Over time, “it has long been known by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, the General Accounting Office and the Office of Inspector General that SNFs have been overpaid by billions of dollars.”( This means that “Medicare payments increased faster than Medicare costs, resulting in free standing SNFs to have profit margins of approximately 18% in 2009 compared to the 10.9% profit in 2003”.( Instead of a repayment for unused services, the budget for reimbursement will be reduced. The profit margins will take a big hit as a result of reduced reimbursement. Billing for therapy related services are found to be the culprit of overpayment. Although these reimbursements are being reduced, the overall reimbursement for SNFs will remain…show more content…
During this time of bare bones staffing. Many nurses are tired. The accuity of patients does not help this situation. Many nurses bare the achiness and tiredness and push on because the patient is their top priority and deserve the best they have to give. Other nurses and staff members are not this strong, opting to go elsewhere to only do their ‘fair share’. These nurses say that their families deserve their time as well as the patients and they feel that they are unable to equally divide their time with family if they are physically and mentally drained every day. High staffing turnover leaves another problem for the administrator. Making sure not to hire people of a certain character out of desperation is a different type of challenge for the administrator. Those people that are labeled as elder abusers, thieves or predators cannot be a part of the staff in these facilities and must carefully be weeded out of the hiring process. This is done by conducting criminal background checks on the applicants that have hiring potential. Other forms of turnover in SNFs can be caused by poor management. Although the job of the administrator is to make sure the residents are taken care of, a good administrator will try to make sure that staff morale is at a tolerable level. By assuring the staff that their cries and complaints are not being overlooked and rewarding the hard work and accomplishments of the

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