My Mother and Her Sister

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My Mother and her Sister “My Mother and her Sister” is written by Jane Rogers I 1996. It is a shot story about the relationship between the narrator, her mother and her aunt Lucy. The narrator is a young woman named Dorothy, who tells about her childhood and her mothers parenting skills compared to her aunt. When Dorothy was a child, she was living alone with her mother and her brother Tim. Dorothy and her mother had a great relationship, they where always making fun of aunt Lucy and how she was the ideal mother and wife. One day, when Dorothy is a grown woman, her mother dies. Meanwhile, aunt Lucy had lost her husband and has turned 75, so she is an old lonely woman. Of gratitude for all the summer holidays Dorothy had spend at aunt Lucy’s, she invites her to stay at her place for a couple of days, so she doesn’t have to be alone while she is grieving over her sisters death. At first Dorothy can’t even recognize aunt Lucy, she has always pictured her as this kind chatty woman, but now she is cold and quiet. One night at the dinner table after a few glasses of red wine, aunt Lucy opens up and starts talking about Dorothy’s mother and her own life. She had apparently always admired Dorothy’s mother for her optimism and her childish way of hoping for the best. She talks about her own life and marriage and how she has been truly happy. The narrator Dorothy is the main character of the shot story. We don’t get much information about her, but we can guess she is a (young) grown woman when we hear that aunt Lucy was turned 75 years old. Dorothy seems like a loving and caring daughter in the beginning, but after her mother’s death, she can’t recognize herself. Why haven’t she been crying yet? She asks herself. She is having a hard time realize or accepting that her mother is dead. When she thinks of her, there is just this huge gap in her mind. It is first after her

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