Katniss Comparison

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Comparison Katniss is a strong, unselfish, and independent young woman who is a heroine in the story. I see a lot of similarities between us two because I myself have had to grow up faster than planned. From a very young age, I was always stuck home to care for my brother while my mom went to work to support us. In the book, Katniss is a young lady who takes care of her mom, her sister and their family cat because her dad died in an underground mine explosion. I find her strong because she takes responsibility for hunting the food for supper and making sure her family has all their needs. She’s also very strong because during the games, she allows nothing to stop her from surviving. Including, boys, emotion, and the thought of her family being in danger back home. I can relate to the way she feels because I feel like I’ve overcome a lot of obstacles with not having my parents in my life and having to provide for myself. Like her I had to somewhat grow up without a father figure and become the “mom” of the household. She is definitely a character I can relate to. I find Katniss very unselfish because when the draw to chose the players for the Games came around, she took her sisters place to participate. I consider myself unselfish because I would go out of my way to…show more content…
While she is on the Victory Tour, she allows no one to cater her needs because that’s not how she lived back at home. She likes doing everything on her own because she says. “If I do it by myself, I shall have no reason to be mad at anyone but me”. I’ve also been independent because I never had stable parents or guardians to rely on. From a young age, I moved out of my house, I had to get a job, and pay for my own necessities. In the story Katniss has to do everything on her own, from hunting her own food to feed her family to fighting for her and Peetas life in the
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