My Family Ghetto Research Paper

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Coming from a Hispanic-American background, I’ve grown up in a world where there is no time to take a break or work slower. Everything and everyone that surrounds me is moving, doing something! I’m a small girl with a big dream, and in time, that dream will become my reality. I’m a girl looking to find myself in a world unknown, looking for the answer in education and pursuing more knowledge in the field of biology and moving on to forensic pathology; the only solution that might get me out of this middle-class ghetto which I have lived my entire life.. Family life has impacted and shaped my aspirations to become more than the local grocery cashier, or fry cook at the nearby McDonald’s. Family life has always been a key factor in regards to my future and its success. As an infant until this very day, I have seen my mother struggle to give me and my siblings a better life than she has had. My mother is an independent woman, raising my siblings and me on her own. Section 8 housing authority, food stamps, and child support has been a part of my life since I was in diapers and it’s time to make it all disappear. I see my mother breaking her back trying to give me an education she…show more content…
In order to prosper with friends, family and stranger relations’, sharing is the one method I can always count on to reveal who I am as a person. My experiences tell my story, and to know my story, you must know my experiences. Therefore, sharing contributes to the enlightenment people come across when interacting or communicating with me. When I share, people become comfortable around me. Soon, they share their stories and knowledge with me. When that occurs, I learn things I never knew and I learn to appreciate things with more care and consideration. Sharing is the best quality I can ever own. It gives me a voice, a way to speak freely on what I believe and what I stand
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