Character Analysis Of Ma Joad In The Grapes Of Wrath

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In a crisis, people tend to show their emotions and run away from the situations that they are facing. In The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck , the Joad family, was forced from their home in Oklahoma because of a Dust Bowl. They head to California in search of work and accomplishment but they end up only finding misery. As a result of the crisis and the obstacles they had to overcome, Ma Joad, the wife, mother, and leader of the family, comes off as powerful and unselfish authority figure. She isn’t the traditional American house wife that watches the children, cook meals, and wash and make clothes for the family. Ma Joad keeps all of her emotions to herself and hates family separation. She is Strong, hopeful, willful, and unbreakable and the most valuable supporter of the family during the period of hard times. Ma Joad as a main Character of the book drives her family into spiritual survival. All characters in The Grapes of Wrath bear moment's of deep self disappointment; however, Ma does not create a chance for them to stumble. Instead, she protects her family from people who would try to break their spirit. For example, Rose of Sharon is approached by a religious woman, who panics her into believing that the baby she will have will be ruined for life. Ma Joad understandingly knows how easily ones spirit can…show more content…
In the mother’s eye’s, in the photograph, you see the pain hardship and distress that she has clearly overcome. Ma Joad is similar in the fact that she herself does not show how much hurting pain and suffering she overcomes because she believes it will break the family’s backbone leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Both women are inspirational figures in life. They both go on to show that no matter what the situation is with hope anything is

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