Character Analysis Of Sue In Killing Mr. Griffin

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Character Analysis In the novel “killing Mr. Griffin” there were many characters. But the one character that I liked most was Susan (Sue). I chose Sue because of her personality and how she is brave and strong willed. She also has a good conchance on her shoulders. Sue was in a way the main character in the story. She’s the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ruggles and she’s a straight A student at Del Norte High School. Being that she was the favorite student of Mr. Griffin, it was hard for her to help get rid of the died mans cold soulless body. Sue was a lot like me in a way, she always fallowed her gut feeling and always told the truth no matter what she had done. That’s why it was so hard for her to keep the secret of the died teacher from her family. (“Sue why don’t you eat you’ve been acting strange lately?” asked sues mother. “May I be excused please?” sue said as she raced up the stairs preventing the conversation to continue.) After a while sue wanted to just tell the truth and do the right thing, but her friends who were also responsible for the murder had threatened sue with her life if she told the cops what really happened. So out of fear she kept her mouth shut for as long as she could.…show more content…
I just think she should have at least told her parents to see what they thought and then go from there, and she also wouldn’t have to go through it alone.sue ended up lying to Mr. Griffins pregnant wife about where her husband is. “Sue, do you know what happened to my husband?” “No ma’am, last time I saw him was at school.” When sue told that lie she could barely breath, her heart was racing at one hundred miles per hour. She was very eager to get out of the house so she wouldn’t have to lie

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