Makeup Artistry Essay

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Lovepreet Uppal Period 5 11/16/12 Creativity is a drug that I cannot live without. Makeup artistry is my passion that is my trade. The woman behind my passion is my cousin Tamanna Roashan. She helped me realize my needs and discover my passion. She cleared the obstacles that came in my path and opened the door to a new profession. My initial passion was becoming a pharmacist. That is up until my junior year in high school when I realized that I will eventually have to learn all the different formulas, scientific vocabulary and the chemistry that a pharmacist mind consist of. Not just that, my job as a pharmacist will have no change. I will not have the opportunity to meet different faces and the opportunity to work in different environment. Later on, I dropped it like a dissatisfactory choice. I desire a career that will not just help me through my life but a career that will comfort others as well. With this thought in my mind my cousin Tamanna introduced me to an entirely different career. She is a successful Makeup Artist herself with her own business. She recognized my affection before I did. She encouraged me into this field of art when I shadowed her for a wedding. I experienced the career of a makeup artist. All the colors of the eye shadows, lip glosses and different hairstyles were much more fascinating than chemistry formulas. The appreciation she received from the bride was flawless. She received goodie bag full of love, chocolate and make up from the bride. Another event that encouraged me into this field was when she got the contract to do Miss California’s hair and makeup for her campaign photo shoot last year. I was enchanted by the increase of her communications through this career. Meeting new personalities is always a plus point. Makeup artistry is a career full of different events, people and opportunities. After debating on these two
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