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A Woman’s LIFE in 1960 The Food and Drug Administration approved birth control pills, President Kennedy created the President’s Commission on the Status of Women and appointed Eleanor Roosevelt as chairman, and Betty Friedan published her infamous book, the “Feminine Mystique”. The 1960's brought about a profound cultural change through gender roles and race relations, as the rights and liberties of women and African Americans improved tremendously. LIFE magazine, one of the most known and influential magazines to date, has published thousands of issues that deal with a number of important issues and topics which address the complex and intricate roles which defined the women of the 60’s as well as throughout time. In this paper three different…show more content…
Nancy was a comic, whose specialty was impersonating and making comedic jokes about those of the highly sophisticated famous empire. The article is concluded with a picture of Nancy and her husband snuggling behind a picture frame, again proving that although Nancy is a successful comic, her main priority is providing a loving home for her…show more content…
For instance any of the advertisements that were beauty product related emphasized how important it is for women to be looking there best, and how each product would allow them to create the best image. An advertisement for the Dory Beauty Masque by Du Barry claims to “erase surface lines, and wrinkles, tones up skin and cleanses pores!”. LIFE’s advertisements seem to be focusing primarily on the physical features of women, and how those features can be improved, and shed little to know insight on intellect etc… Also, women during this era clearly took a strong interest into the world of fashion. In the June issue of Life as well as the April issue, there is a quite detailed article that focuses of female fashion trends as time goes on. Including the influence that other countries had on American fashion, the latest trends that would replace the old ones. Like the introduction of the shirtwaist dress, and the ever so popular sear sucker came into

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