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Born in 2013, SOCIATE opened its doors with a mission to bring a fresh perspective to the local PR and communication scene. By working with a variety of clients, from customized cars to urban gardening e-retailers, we keep our services flexible and diverse. With equal parts experience and research, we’ve simmered our talents into four key verticals - PR, marketing, events, and design. Nothing gets lost in translation with SOCIATE as we’re always up for a chat over coffee. We find this approach helps us intimately know our clients and their brand. The newest addition to #teamSOCIATE - Reena Grewal has come on board as our Marketing Assistant and Savvy Content Creator. She spent her first three years in the UAE working with one of the capital…show more content…
She was determined not to let any small or big hiccups get in her way! With an experience in marketing and public relations spanning both in the UK and UAE, Rosa decided to invest her expertise into opening her own company – SOCIATE LLC. Sociate is her baby and with much hard work and immense dedication it has become an agency brands want to be associated with and is gaining popularity within the region as well as internationally. With a BA in Fashion Management and Marketing, Rosa has worked within a broad spectrum of industries and has adapted to many roles over the past years including modelling, promotions, product management, marketing manager and public relations manager. She is also very proud of being associated with some top brands within Dubai and the UK including Mulberry, River Island, Grazia, Tribeca, and Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities (a cause very close to her heart). In addition to taking on challenging roles throughout her life, Rosa has also been a part of her family business for over three years. Having a zest for life and being an overly passionate person, she aims to take Sociate to much higher levels and with her unique and friendly way of working, she targets to bag in many more clients in the coming…show more content…
Its menu offers heaps of contemporary comfort food and refreshing drinks. It’s also known for its mini library, curated by Brownbook, loaded with Middle Eastern literature. Known as the home of the big blue water tower, Inn The Park is situated in the city’s only solar park. MY GREEN CHAPTER Urban farming started as a movement in the US in 2008. Encouraging people to grow fruits and vegetables in their front or backyard, schools, hospitals, or universities - My Green Chapter aims to spark curiosity for urban gardening and farming in the UAE. RETOLD RETOLD, a pre-loved women’s fashion brand, that lets people exchange their closet clutter for money. The brand values focus on sustainability, customers can explore a diverse array of clothes and accessories from high-street brands to luxury labels. Previously known as My Ex Wardrobe, the brand has relaunhed as RETOLD and evolved from a pop-up concept to a physical boutique in Barsha. Conceptualized and designed by Sian Rowlands, the boutique revolves around a minimalist aesthetic. RETOLD is particular about the products on its shelves, and only accepts clothes that are in excellent condition. The brand’s core aim is to reduce, reuse, recycle, and

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