Twiggy: Fashion Icon

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The sixties were ten years of surprise, revolution, and change. From riots to civil rights movements, there was constant action throughout the sixties. Social issues and political concerns circulated through the sixties and are often spoken of, but these were not the only events occurring during this decade. Fashion icon, Twiggy took the world of fashion by storm in 1966 and became the world’s first supermodel. Twiggy’s influence on fashion and modeling is still present in the world today through her involvement in television shows, magazines, and product commercials; as well as the influence she has had on women’s fashion today between keeping older women fashion forward and designing clothing for all women, and her attempt to fight against the negative side effects that comes with a world full of super models. This fashion icon is a woman who caught the eye of the public in sixty-six and still to this day people are watching her. Twiggy was born in London at the end of the 1940s as Lesley Hornby. From childhood she always had dreamed of being in fashion and at the age of sixteen was pulled into the world of fashion and started her path to being a fashion icon. Twiggy revolutionized the world of fashion and modeling through her tiny figure, boyish features, short haircut, thick eyelashes, and new style clothing in a matter of four years. Today Twiggy is seen as a fashion icon that has continued to influence the world through her fashion and modeling experience for over forty years. Twiggy may no longer be walking the runway and starring in the modeling world, but she is still contributes to the world of fashion and glam through her appearance on television shows, magazine covers, and being the face of commercial beauty products. Twiggy is a well-respected fashion icon that is still considered to be fashion forward today. She was a featured judge on the hit

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