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Natasha Eason Engl Comp Sec 214 Sept 20, 2011 Ad Analysis Essay Cover Girl is one of the most successful cosmetic companies in the world. In this ad Cover Girl is trying to endorse the product Exact Eyelight Mascara. The ad to me seems to target young and middle age woman of any race or some men that think that they can make their women (spouse) look like the model in the ad. The ad uses white and nude like colors, very large text and a very close up picture of the model to show how the new mascara will bring out a person’s eye. It shows the four different shades that the mascara is available in on the side to try to get the target audience attention. Cover Girl is known for their bold advertising using beautiful women with flawless faces. On this particular ad the advertiser choose Rihanna as a model because she is young beautiful and adds sex appeal plus she’s very popular in the music business right now. In this ad, Cover Girl claims that this product will lift up your eyes and give you 4 time’s brighter eyes. Exact Eyelight has a reflecting metallic and a hint of tint that turns out your blue, brown, hazel, and green eyes in the blink of an eye. The ad uses a special bright light in a perfect angle in order for the deep setting of the eyelash to stand out on the model’s eye to force you to take notice of its claim. They put each different shade on the bottom of a white bottom to show all the different shades to try to convince you to buy it. The creators of this advertisement were trying to convince women that if you buy this product you would be lighting up your eyes with the new Exact Eyelight Mascara and have the eyes that they have always wanted plus bringing sex appeal as well. The brightest and most decisive part of this ad is the model eyes. Her eyes and the famous model are what grab your attention when flipping through the

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