Photography And Fashion.

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Focusing on at least 2 photographers, give an account on the relation between photography and fashion or photography and advertising. Since the invention/discovery of photography, fashion has always been a prominent area for photographers to shoot. With the popularity of fashion magazines and journals throughout the 20th century photographers could now capitalise on this market whilst also showing the public their artistic vision on a huge scale. Fashion is a form of conveying identity, what we wear indicates who we are as people, our personalities, where we stand in life, our social level. Although many may consider this extremely shallow, this is exactly what the fashion magazines are selling to us...identity. Photography, whether standalone or in a publication, is now easily the preferred medium in which to convey this identity. Photography has had a huge impact on the magazine/journalism industry ever since the first photographs could be mass produced within them , in the 1920s. Before photography, illustrations had to be used to represent the clothing and models. The clothing that one chooses to wear can greatly impact the viewer's perception that that person, for instance a businessman in a suit and tie will convey a sense of professionalism that a man in a pair of scruffy jeans would lack. Perhaps none new this better than Cecil Beaton: Cecil Beaton was a legendary photographer who's work has influenced an incalculable amount of people, especially fashion photographers. Beaton was born in London on January 14th 1904. He is best known for his fashion photographs and portraits of 'high society'. He worked as a staff photographer for 'Vanity Fair' and 'Vogue' (which he worked for over thirty years – American and British) in addition to photographing celebrities in Hollywood. Times Online give us a background and an insight into what Cecil
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