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Week 1 Madonna Case Analysis Strategy is the means by which individuals such as Madonna used to achieve their long –term career goals (Grant, 2010, p.16). Madonna had a keen understanding of her operating environment which enabled her to become one of the world’s leading female entertainers for over two decades. During her tenure she has won seven Grammy Awards and is the first female entertainer to receive the lifetime achievement Video Vanguard Award (Russell, 1994). The life story of Madonna is an example of how an individual achieved a successfully business strategy by having simple consistent goals, understanding the entertainment competitive environment and capitalizing on her abilities to self-promote and stay current with emerging entertainment trends (Grant, 2010, p.10). Synopsis of the Case Madonna started her entertainment career at the age of nineteen. In the summer of 1978 after withdrawing from the University of Michigan, Madonna moved to New York City with only $35.00 to pursue her long-term goal of ruling the entertainment world (Grant, 2010, p.5). With a limited musical background, after five years she landed a record deal which enabled her to sell ten million copies of the album Madonna. Over the life span of Madonna’s entertainment career nothing has come between Madonna and her quest for fame (Grant, 2010, p.3). As the entertainment market changers, Madonna changes. By changing with the competitive environment, Madonna has sold over 300 million albums to date and is the world’s most successful female singer. Madonna seems to have defied all generational laws (Prieto-Arranz, 2012). Relevant Factual Information about the Problem or Decision the Organization Faced Madonna is an exceptionally businesswoman, she is a fifty-four year old entertainer who still has the ability to identify strategy alternatives as the competitive environment

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