Lady Gaga Affects Our Generation

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To affect our generation today you have to be, in a way, powerful. You have to have the power to grab the audience’s attention and keep it for a very long time, keep us interested and intrigued. You have to own your style and really make a name for yourself. Many artists have these aspects now. But the artist who draws everyone’s attention, everyone has heard of and makes many want to constantly be listening to her and be like her, someone who is a key element of my generation has to be Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has been making a name for herself as soon as her pop music hit the radio. Her first hit was “Just Dance” release in 2008. Hitting #1 in the billboard charts in 2009 followed by the release of her first album, The Fame. This really got people listening and earned her 8 Grammy nomination and 2 wins. This first album is automatically got people attention and many were listening to her, many of my friends and I included. Once you got a taste of what she was about everyone wanted more. Once Lady and Gaga made a name for herself, she never stopped producing more and more for people to love her for. She followed this album with “The Fame Monster” and “Born this Way” both hitting the charts at high levels. Each song she produces just good or even better than the last. The song “Born this Way” broke a world record by selling more than 1 million copies in just 5 days. She’s also produced and performed with many famous and well-known artists. Including Akon, who signed her, Elton John, Cher, Nicki Minaj, and multiple singles with Beyoncé. All of Lady Gaga’s music has a strong meaning. Whether it’s just to have fun with life, or accepting who you are, or even a song full of regret. It’s always turns out to be something powerful. It’s not all about one thing, which I feel is very important to listeners nowadays. Not everyone is going through the same thing, or wanting to

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