Starbucks Ethic Social Responsibility

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Starbucks Ethics and Social Responsibility Starbucks was founded in 1971. The first store was opened in Seattle, Washington at Pike Place Market. They continue to grow and are opening new stores one right after the other. One of the things Starbucks prides in is the awards it has received for ethics and social responsibilities. Starbucks is very big on giving back to the community and conservation. Part of the Starbucks mission statement is to: Contribute positively to our communities and our environment. Partners (employees) take that mission personally, putting in many hours of volunteer time for their local neighborhoods and non-profit groups. From AIDS walks to tutoring kids to serving meals for the homeless, Starbucks partners prove that they care; each Starbucks store chooses a charity to receive its leftover pastries and past-date coffee. Many stores donate coffee to charitable events each month. One of these events in neighborhoods is called “Green Sweep”. “Green Sweep” is trash pickups in different communities and other efforts that go along with that. Starbucks partners also invite people of the community to join in. Another popular charity is the All Books for Children book drive (ABC). I feel that the reason for the successful longevity of Starbucks Cafes is due to Howard Schultz’s leadership that is an example of the collaborative style that incorporates a social view. His leadership is a sign of the ties and displays what is needed in the modern business environment. The modern business environment is much more competitive and complex; plus, the place that an organization has to maintain to stay competitive is at a much higher speed than many years ago. In order for organizations to be enormously effective, they move from the old style of senior management that maintained direction and control. The collaborative style of leadership is not any less

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