Broadway Cafe Essay

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Competitive advantage Awwad states (2013) that competitive advantage as the asymmetry or differential in any attribute or factor that allows a firm to serve its customers more effectively than others and hence to create better customer value and achieve superior performance. To have a competitive advantage, company must create an edge over competitors. In the aggressive business world, every advantage counts to establish business in the top of industry Business Dilemma The Broadway Cafe has been in business since 1952 and has never had a single competitor in the neighborhood. One of your employees has heard a rumor that Starbucks might be opening a store a few blocks away. Your staff is worried and is looking to you to provide reassurance that the competition will not affect your business. PROJECT FOCUS: Determine a strategy for addressing your employees concerns, building loyalty among your customers, and remaining competitive in a changing market. Be sure to use information technology in your solutions including environmental scanning, competitive advantages, and first-mover advantages. Answer. I think the biggest advantage of the broadway café is that it has been running business over 60years. Therefore I want to address my staff that there are a lot of regular customers in broadway café and the reason why they keep coming our coffee shop because they like our coffee and customer service. Making good coffee, providing high quality of customer service, be confidence about that ourselves and Offering loyalty card or discount card to customer, so they continue to come to our coffee shop. Moreover, advertise local newspaper or social network, so more connect with local community. Making Business Decisions I Michael Porter’s Five Forces Model is a useful tool to aid organizations facing the challenging decision of entering a new industry or industry

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