Onward: The Story Of The Starbucks Coffee Company

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Onward by Howard Schultz and Joanne Gordon Onward is the story of Starbucks Coffee Companys’ success. The company originated in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks in the early 1980s was not like the Starbucks we walk into today. In that time, Starbucks was a chain of four small stores that sold coffee beans and ground coffee. The Starbucks Coffee Company we know of today rose from the passion and love that CEO Howard Schultz has for coffee itself. After a trip to Milan, and acknowledging the love with which the coffee maker in a small shop worked, he realized that brewing coffee was a craft. He said, “The blend of craftsmanship and human connection, combined with the warm aroma and energizing flavors of fresh coffee, struck an emotional chord.” (Schultz Chapter 2) He wanted to create this same atmosphere with the coffee shops he was in charge of back home, but his bosses didn’t agree with him. Upon his return he left the four small Starbucks stores, and opened up his own small coffee shop Il Giornale. After almost a year and half, Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker, his former employers, offered to sell to him their Starbucks stores. Schultz took on the challenge and began to raise money to buy them out. He collected $3.8 million. After winning a very close battle with another potential buyer, he went ahead and combined his vision of a coffee shop with that of what was already present in the well known Starbucks stores- and so he kept the name and began the Starbucks Coffee Company that we all know and love today. The journey to success, however, was not without its obstacles. In February 2008, all US Starbucks stores closed its doors. CEO Howard Schultz believed that despite the stability and success of the store at the time, the company needed further improvement. There were different coffee shops coming up as competition and he wanted to remind his customers why

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