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Eileen Fisher: Repositioning the Brand Eileen Fisher Inc., a woman’s fashion company, is founded in 1984 in New York City. Its design is to create both clothing and an environment that inspires women to appreciate themselves by beauty, versatility, comfort and simplicity throughout the company. There are 22 Eileen Fisher stores in major cities, major retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshall Fields, and Macy’s, carry the clothing line. Women love Eileen Fisher, but we can discover in this case that those women mean real women who are mother or grandmother. However, they are trying to reposition their brand and opening their doors to younger women. It is always difficult to target another market since the brand has already established their position in the fashion industry firmly. EILEEN FISHER has consistent growth and success. The brand now is famous in U.S., selling in more than 40 company retail stores, online, and department stores. The reasons of their success are the company’s design philosophy and its loyal customers. Nevertheless, they are trying to broaden the brand’s customers and penetrating to different generations, because their products cannot attract the young customers. They need some strategies to promote their brand such as building a sub-brand, signing a spokesperson, or designing a crossover. Strengths First of all, Eileen Fisher has a strong brand loyalty of its core customers, and their core customers have great power of spending because the median customer age was 59 and the age is increasing every year. These customers are relatively exempt from economic turbulence, and that is also why Eileen Fisher’s total sales grew in 2008, the year that the recession hit every industry. For example, Ann Taylor announced in January 2008 that it planned to close 117 stores from 2008 through 2010 and the fashion

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