Excedrin Rhetorical Analysis

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Halim Amezquita Period 3 Final Copy When advertising, advertisers use a variety of strategies and rhetorical devices to engage the audience. The use of: color, layout, diction, etc., all aid in evoking the senses of the audience. When advertisers implement the above-listed strategies correctly they are able to persuade purchasers to buy the product being advertised. To begin with, there are many pain killers one can select from when in pain. But the Excedrin advertisement clearly conveys that it is the best for back and body pain. The advertisers use cause/effect as the predominate device to persuade people to buy Excedrin. On the top of the ad one sees a football player being attacked from both the left and right sides by two other football players, which is the cause of the pain. At the bottom, one sees the two-colored Excedrin pill, whose effects help take away their back pain, appealing to those who suffer from back pains. This is appealing because there are many people out there…show more content…
But the REVLON advertisement clearly conveys why their make- up collection is best. In this ad the diction used appeals to more females. The advertiser used celebrity endorsement to persuade one to purchase their product. Susan Sarandon is a well-known actress. The close up on Susan Sarandon’s face is used to show how beautiful she is because she uses REVLON. By using her beauty it gives the product credibility and it manipulates people because a famous person is being used and one immediately assumes that the product must be good. Furthermore, alliteration is used. Susan Sarandon’s initials match the initials of the title “Star Style” people will be more compelled to buy the product because she uses it and especially because the words confident and charismatic are used to describe her, again alliteration is shown. The REVLON advertisement use of rhetoric appeals to those who know who Sandra is and like

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