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Katie De Hoedt Nickolas White Composition 101 2 December 2007 America’s Favorite Blond, But Why? Before she was Marilyn Monroe and blond, her given name was Norma Jean Morienson. Her image change can be noted as part of her appeal. It was part of the process of reinventing herself and transforming into what everyone became to know her as. The idea of reinventing one’s self, changing one’s life completely, and becoming the marvel of everyone because of it is appealing to Americans. Its part of a fantasy and according to Jack Solomon, “we can conclude that America is a nation of fantasizers, often preferring the sign to the substance and easily enthralled by veritable Fantasy Island of commercial illusions.”…show more content…
There was controversy around her death as well as with many other aspects of her life. Her death was officially accredited to an overdose of sleeping pills, but there were also rumors that it was a murder, or even the mafia was involved. Throughout her life there were also rumors of affairs with the Kennedy family, and a number of other incidences. All of this gets people talking. Celebrities seem to get taken to the next level of stardom as soon as controversy leaks into their lives and diffuses out into the media. It’s as if they are rewarded for such behavior. In Monroe’s case, not only were people obsessed with the events of her life, but they seemed to be more forgiving as well given her…show more content…
Her movies, served as a catalyst for transferring her image. Had there been no filmed images of Monroe she could not have been the icon that she is today. The people that didn’t live during her time would have a hard time picturing her image and therefore she would not have the same influence that she has today, and her image would be a talked about legend. “Marilyn’s media-drenched image as a tragic dumb blond has become an American archetype,” (Signs of Life) this can be partially accredited to her presence in films. This image that she came to represent in her films became an archetype because of her popularity and status that she

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