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Lunchables Lunchables are known as a snack for kids. It is health and is usually given to kids during lunch. They have many chooses as food from Pizza, turkey and ham sandwiches, hot dogs etc. They also come with a piece of candy, a drink and some kind of dessert (cookies). The target is little children to teenagers ages 5-15 or maybe a little older. Now we are trying new targets which are senior citizen and low income workers. We will make the food a little healthier put in a Cesar salad with cooked chicken with a baked potatoes chips and water. They will sell in nursing homes, bingo clubs, and golf clubs for senior citizens and in every office caferitra and delis around the work force for low income people. The price will be affordable for the people in need. They regularly run from 5-7 dollars but, they will be sold from 3-5 dollars depending what type of food they want. The sandwiches will be less expenisve then the salads. The Lunchables won’t be more than $5. They will come with a card and in the register when you buy a Lunchable they will stamp it. When you buy 10 Lunchables the next time you buy it will be FREE. This product will be disturbed all through the United States, and trying to make it global. This will be a good product to have for senior citizen that are in homes and go out for activities. This will also help the low income workers when they go out for lunch especially now that the economic is really low. We will have a special phone number were any customers can contact us with any questions about the product all around America. We will send information to the customers by email and via mail to let them know about our product and how healthy it can be but, they need to provide us with an email or home

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