Kimberley Palmer's 'Talking To Thrift'

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Ronald Maynard ENG 052 CCA Dr. Joseph December 9, 2011 Essay 4 Draft 3 School Savings In “Talking to Gen Y About the New Culture of Thrift” Kimberley Palmer reports that young adults are very aware of today’s economic crisis and they are very knowledgeable of their personal financial situations (54-56). A positive characteristic of many young adults in America is “their savviness as consumers, derived from growing up in the Internet age as well experiencing the most recent recession” (Palmer 54). Young adults are aware of their finances and are taking steps to spend their money wisely. College students are away from home and have to learn how to manage their finances well so that their money will be well spent on the necessities. There…show more content…
College students can waste almost all of their money on food if not spent wisely. For instance, taking a trip to the store and buying groceries will get students much more for their money than spending it on fast food all the time. Buying bread and deli meat is a good money saving decision because those sandwiches will last them longer than a fast food meal for a night. Students who are smart with their money and who make the right decisions on what and where to eat will save themselves large amounts of money. Also, buying healthier snacks may not taste as sweet as donuts or cakes but they do cost less. Students who decide to buy apples and oranges will save a few dollars, compared to those students who are buying donuts and cakes, because the money will start to add up more than they think it will. Making decisions such as eating healthier will also keep students healthy thus providing them with the nutrients to think and perform better during class. My aunt introduced an idea to me which makes sense and also saves money. The idea is called “Pot-lucking”, this is where people from the same dorm or floor puts money together and buys food for all students on the floor one week, and then the next week a different room has the same plan. This will not be an every night event but it will save their money a couple days out of the week and students will get to eat. Food is an essential need that must be spent on affordably or students will waste a lot of

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