Likeness Of Ralph And Piggy

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Each character in a story gives off a different personality which makes some more likable than the others. As for Ralph and Piggy from Lord of the Flies, their characters aren’t exactly my favorite. Although Ralph does his best to act like a leader, he’s somewhat a pushover; as for Piggy, his personality can be considered irritable. As the main protagonist and leader, Ralph has to keep everyone in check and try to run things smoothly. Although he’s a stubborn person, he can also be considered a pushover. For example, as Jack bullied Piggy, he just stood by and watched rather than helped him out. Also, as they were trying to hunt for the beast, Ralph got carried away along with the other boys and started acting wildly. When it came to defending his power, Ralph wasn’t able to convince everyone else. As Jack defied him, all he could say was “I’m the chief” or “I have the conch”. By doing so, it shows that he didn’t do all he could to keep everyone in check. As a leader, Ralph gained trust from many of the boys, including Piggy. Piggy, who was the most intellectual, seemed to get into everyone’s way. With his good intentions and smart thoughts, it made the other biguns feel inferior. As Piggy tried to state ways that could organize their ‘society’, the others would just tell him to be quiet. As the others would bully him, he’d always rely on Ralph to back him up which didn’t happen all the time. His character wasn’t very fit for survival on a deserted island, which made him complain more than the other boys did. As he followed the others up the mountain to the fire, he would continuously complain about his asthma and how he was tired. When it came to defending himself from the other boys, the conch was his only excuse for talking. Although he had the brains, he didn’t have the personality that would make the other boys and myself consider him likable. Through
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