Piggy Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis Essay

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Character Trait Essay Piggy is a vital character in Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Lord of the Flies is a ook about a group of kids who are stuck on the island with no grown-ups. There are four main characters who lead this group of boys. Piggy’s character traits influence the group of boys greatly, and he influences the outcome of the story. Also, his character traits impacts whether he is a good leader or a bad leader. Basically, Piggy is the smartest boy on the island, but due to his recent living conditions before the crash and his self-esteem issues, he is unfit to be a leader. Piggy is the smartest person on the island and gives Ralph most of all his ideas. Ralph is the leader of the group, but when he has to make decisions he can’t think that well. Toward the end of the book, Ralph starts to have mind blanks, but Piggy helps him through them. In this quote Ralph is trying to give out orders to the assembly when Jack starts his tribe and Piggy has to remind Ralph of the plan. “‘Well-what is the good?’ Ralph tried indignantly to remember. There was something good about a fire. Something overwhelmingly good, ‘Ralphs told you often enough,’ said piggy moodily. ‘How else are we going to get rescued? (163).” Also, Ralph turns to his best friend Piggy for advice on what he should do, like when Jack…show more content…
Piggy’s brains help the group of boys drastically because even though Ralph is calling the shots, he gets almost all his ideas from Piggy. Also, he is very reserved and never really steps up to any challenge or obstacle. Instead, he hides behind Ralph and believes he needs approval from him to do anything. Lord of the Flies, by the end of the book, is survival of the fittest, and Piggy does not have the characteristics to survive and ends up perishing due to a rock. He is not able to be a proficient leader to the assembly of boys because of the certain character traits that Piggy
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