Ralph Lord Of The Flies Character Analysis

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In principle, Ralph is a great leader. His ability to see the good in everyone demonstrates his compassion and understanding of others, and he leads a government combination of autocracy and democracy in his society where he tries to make sure that everyone's needs have been satisfied, and that everyone gets an equal say. Unfortunately, the situation that Ralph gets placed in is far from perfect, and his leadership style is inappropriate for the situation, and an unlucky combination of unruly, cruel and temptacious kids causes his civilized attempts at leading his group to fail, leading to a downward spiral which pulls everyone into the depths of injustice and human instinct. Oddly enough, the root of the problem lies in Ralph himself and his failure to give his subjects what they wanted, and his inability to deal with the competition. As a leader in the situation he was in, Ralph could not give the kids what they wanted. For…show more content…
Throughout their stay on the island, Jack demonized Ralph, making him look like a dictator, and slowly drilling into the heads of the kids that he was the bad guy, despite the fact that the little progress made was really Jack’s fault. Also, Ralph didn’t really make it clear enough to the kids that what Jack was doing was wrong – most kids thought that they were just having harmless fun, but he didn’t make them see that (especially when Jack let the fire go out) if they sided with Jack then they would never get off the island. Jack may have been a powerful dictator, but he was also a coward – he couldn’t stand up to Ralph himself until he had the technological advantage of a spear, and the military advantage of army size over him – only in the end, when he literally had the power to burn down the island, did he dare to face Ralph’s moral influence head on. Ralph should’ve taken advantage of this and acted
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