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KISS Induction Speech Finally after thirty-eight years of waiting, the hottest band in the world is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Being on of America’s top gold record champs, KISS continues to hold an unbreakable bond with its fans. Having a rocky start involving another band, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley left their old band and stumbled upon an Ad in Rolling Stones magazine, written by a drummer, Peter Criss. After holding auditions the three became one and began practicing as a trio. Another, Ace Frehley was then auditioned as the lead singer and the four officially became known as the band KISS in January of 1973. After this year, the rest of the story wrote itself. The first show that the band had ever preformed together is called Popcorn and after being heard at that club in Queens, KISS was becoming known to the world. They appeared live and struck an interest with the audience, the record sales then started to explode. A fan club known as The KISS Army was then born in late November of 1975, showing the peoples interest in the band, and from this, the band gave the fans what they wanted. Performing at all the different places that sparked an interest and having shows that they put their own spin into, the band kept that bond with their audience as they still do today. By playing together, playing for the people, and playing the music that those people want to hear, KISS has kept the band strong and the fans tightly strung along with them, in full support. Fans wrote letters, and sent artwork to the band to show their full support of their music and of their performances. Having the fans show that they care, is what kept KISS going and making new music and performing new shows all around the world. The fans are what helped the band sell over one hundred million albums world wide, and they are very appreciative
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