Jimi Hendrix Informative Speech: Reason To Listen To Music

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Introduction- Topic sentence: Do you know who the greatest guitarist who ever lived is? Well his name is Jimi Hendrix a guitarist, singer, and song writer born on November 27th 1942, in Seattle Washington, and before his life got cut short in 1970 at the age on 27 he managed to make so amazing music. Reason to Listen: The reason you should listen to my speech is because Jimi Hendrix made music that was totally different from all other music and this speech will help you learn more about it and how it changed the way people play electric guitar. Credibility: I and credible to inform you about Jimi Hendrix because I have been listening to him for about a year now and I have researched him a lot before this speech.…show more content…
One of them that they are known for was the largest rock festival ever the wood stock festival, on the weekend of august 15th -17th in 1969 in upstate New York. There was an estimated 450,000 people that attended the event according to the rock hall of fame. The festival was scheduled to end with The Jimi Hendrix Experience performance on the 16th but was delayed, fans waited all night for Jimi to take the stage. Finally at 7:30 in morning The Jimi Hendrix Experience takes the stage wowing their fans with an hour of play time. Jimi Hendrix’s version of the “Star Spangled Banner” became the highlight of the festival. Conclusion- Review of Main Points: Today I have talked about what made Jimi Hendrix’s music so famous, the group he formed The Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Woodstock festival that he played at that made people love his music even more. Restate Purpose: The purpose for this speech was to inform you about Jimi Hendrix and what he accomplished in his short life time. I hope you all go and listen to at least one of his songs and then you will see what a great musician, singer and song writer he really

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