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DJ Williams Projekt Two days ago on Sunday, December 9th I went with my roommate, to see the DJ Williams Projekt, one of the most popular bands of Richmond in recent times. The group consisted of DJ Williams on guitar, also added vocals from time to time, Dusty Simmons on the drums, Brian Mahne on the keyboard, Gordon Jones on the saxophone, Todd Herrington on the bass, and Mark Ingraham on the trumpet. Café Diem, which holds an open mic night every Sunday, is where this sextet performed for us. It is a small restaurant located on N. Sheppard Street in Richmond. Besides for open mic night on Sundays, they have live music every night of the week. I had heard of DJ Williams Projekt before because in the past two years they have has performed…show more content…
The song, which started with an electric guitar riff, immediately grabbed the crowd’s attention. The guitar sounded funky and very jazzy. After a few measures, the trumpet, drums, and bass added to the guitar sound. They continued to jam this song for about ten minutes. This song was definitely arranged however they had their own improvisations. The song was very upbeat and I was immediately focusing all my attention on the band. Gordon Jones, on alto sax, performed a solo in the middle of the song that was unbelievable. DJ Williams also soloed, and demonstrated his skills as a guitarist with a great rhythm. After the first song, I was amazed. The band was really quite impressive compared to the random bands I have seen off campus this semester. They proceeded to play a few more songs including, Fly High, Satisfaction, and Day Breaks. All of these songs will be songs I listen to on a regular basis now. Groovy, funky, and upbeat, all of these songs were very catchy and definitely made you want to nod your head and tap your feet. The band closed with a jam called Soul Sold Seperately, a slow jam that really slowed the pace of the concert and the pace of the night. An intro of the keyboard led way to the

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