The Beatles Influence On American Music Culture

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When the Beatles were preparing for their greatly anticipated album, Sgt. Pepper’s, they had already made an incredible impact on American music culture, inspiring the people with trends and sounds they had never seen or heard of before. The year 1967 only led to more doors of opportunity and perception for them. The immense shadow of that the Beatles have created up this point left the public with high expectations; they were itching for more Beatlemania. They had begun working on two songs particularly for this new album in late 1966: Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever. The Beatles originally planned for the album to have a theme of childhood nostalgia. The titles Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields are actually real places from the…show more content…
The summer of 1967 was called the “summer of love” and inspired the hippie movement that unified many of these like-minded revolutionaries under the encouragement of music. The Beatle’s album Sgt. Pepper’s was released in the beginning of June by the Apple corporation and became number one on the U.K. charts, selling millions. This album had a huge influence on this movement, blowing all expectations out of the water. Their new sound truly changed the way people perceived music and the world around them. The theme of the album (after the childhood nostalgic feel was trashed) took on an “alter-ego” persona and the Beatles became the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club band. Paul wanted to title it “Dr. Pepper’s” at first, but decided against it due to obvious, potential lawsuit reasons, but the concept was truly unique. Instead of marketing themselves as the Beatles, they created a fictitious concert band. The way it was organized was different too; the songs are all synced, like they are really performing a concert on tour. But that wasn’t the only illusion within the album; their new psychedelic sound, sampled into the public with Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever, skyrocketed, blowing the minds of everyone who purchased this record. The Beatles hard work became noticed with this album, and so did their increasing interest in drugs. By then, the…show more content…
The film featured them on a British bus tour with songs and skits. It was their first project without manager Epstein and they faced many difficulties. Once the movie was released to the public, it received much scorn. Critics claimed the plot was lacking coherence, though the intention and idea of the film was magical. Some called it a failure, but now it is considered a kind of cult classic due to its psychedelic setting and “trippy” vibes. Magical Mystery Tour became an album only as an afterthought. The project was delayed because they spent so much time working on the song “All You Need is Love.” The album held six tracks and made eight million in the first few weeks. Though it was a huge seller, the album was also a letdown and was not well received by critics. Though the project was fun and the Beatles got to wear funny walrus costumes, it didn’t have the energy that is greatly respected and admired in Sgt. Pepper and most thought it was the first time the Beatles sounded

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