Stevie Ray Vaughan's Life And Accomplishments

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Stevie Ray Vaughan, born October 3rd of 1954 in Dallas Texas, coming into a family, his mother Martha Vaughan and father Jim Vaughan, and having a 3 year older brother, Jimmie Vaughan, also becoming extremely famous and talented with Stevie. Stevie had always loved the guitar, in an interview he said that he always wanted to play the drums but he didn’t have any drums, so he decided to play the saxophone. But could only get a few squeaks. His older brother Jimmie Vaughan could play the guitar, so Stevie decided that he would play the guitar too, he taught himself how to play the blues style of music, and did not learn how to read sheet music. Stevie would sneak into Jimmies room when he wasn’t there and play his guitars and read his books…show more content…
He kept it and cherished the guitar forever. After finding a guitar, Stevie ended up joining a new band, that was a extremely popular in Austin, " Paul Ray & the Cobras" With the band being so popular, the band ended up winning " Band of the year" on a poll that was being run. Also getting 5 gigs per-week, they were really well known to the people of Austin. After being in Paul Ray & The Cobras" for about 3 years, Stevie left and formed his own band "Triple Threat" Original members have included, Lou Ann Barton - Lead Vocals, W.C Clark-Bass Guitar, Mike Kindred - Keyboards, Freddie Walden- Drums, after a couple months of the band being together, the Bass guitarist was replaced with Jackie Newhouse and the drummer was also replaced with Chris Layton. By 1976, Stevie was well on the path to stardom, with his new band, "The Triple Threat Revue". "The Triple Threat Revue" landed its debut at the Soap Creek Saloon, on August 8th, 1976. This was Stevie’s golden opportunity to expand his horizons and strut his stuff in front of thousands of people. Stevie’s band debuted with the "Fabulous Thunderbirds", whose front man was Jimmie Vaughan, in Stubb’s Night Club in Lubbock,

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