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Hamidi Brown Jazz History 2/24/13 Swing Era It never occurred to me that so many great influential musicians emerged during the swing era. Coleman Hawkins was the first musician I read about, His recording of “Body and Soul” emerged him to the forefront of national jazz, as referred to on (p.259). Hawkins worked in Europe with Benny Carter, Django Reinhardt, and others before he returned to the US. Soon after Hawkins was finish recording “Body and Soul” World War II began. Some of Hawkins ideas were seen as transitional, but many Americans loved his double time outburst over the chorus pattern, usually performed by Louis Armstrong 20 years earlier. As I continued reading chapter six I discovered that the “Basie Band” used an up-tempo…show more content…
Johnson. The band split up in January 1950 due to economic issues as referred to on (p.264). The band formed many new groups after the breakup as well. “The Swing Era” was full of exiting bands that performed great music for jazz lovers all across the united states and even the world. I never knew that so many bands were formed during this era and that each one had very talented musicians from all walks of life. I enjoyed reading about Lester Young whose father was a minstrel-show musician. Lester Young played with Walter Page’s “Blue Devils” and “The Bennie Moten-George Lee Band”. Some of Young’s idols growing up were Frankie Trumbauer and Bix Beiderbecke. Lester Young joined the Fletcher Henderson orchestra to replace Coleman Hawkins but didn’t stay very long due to his lack of loud, resonant, and vibrato-laden tone that Hawkins displayed as referred to on (p.265). After Young’s departure from the orchestra, he later rejoined Basie. I read that many black musicians’ careers were cut short due to racial prejudice. Lester Young struggled with alcoholism, nervous breakdowns, and malnutrition prior to his death in New York City in 1959. The following is a YouTube links of Lester Young and

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