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Elvis Presley, born a poor boy in Tupelo Mississippi on January 8 1935 and died as the undisputed King of Rock and Roll on August 16, 1977. He was the second of two twin boys born to Gladys and Veron Presley. His twin did not live as he was stillborn, but Elvis lived life big enough for both. Against all odds Elvis became the pivotal point in changing the future of music. His father spent time in jail for check forgery, leaving Elvis and his mother to make it on their own. The Presley‘s were considered “trashy” by many who knew them. This was imparting because of Vernon’s inability to hold a job. The often needed assistance from their extended family. Many people that Elvis’s early years drove him to be a success as to ensure that he would always care for his family. As a young man in high school his music teacher told him that he could not sing. She gave him a C in music. Elvis often said he was too shy to sing in school. He never received any other professional training in music but he always knew he wanted to sing. His first job as a truck driver for a local cola company afforded him the money to cut a record. August of 1953 Elvis decided to make a record “My Happiness and on the flip slid “When Your Heartaches Begin”. According to Elvis he was making it for his mother. Even during this time Elvis was…show more content…
His style of music was often referred to as “Rock a Billy” Rock a Billy was a mix of country and rhythm and blues with heavy influence from the black community. His first exposure to music was the gospel music from church. He often spent time on Beale Street in Memphis and soaked up the blues from such greats as BB King, not mindful of the segregation of the blacks and whites, he did not care that he was considered trash; he followed his heart and achieved his

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