Elvis Presleys Rise To Fame

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Liz Winquest May 27, 2011 3rd hour Elvis Presley’s Rise to Fame This project gave me the opportunity to research the rise to fame of the legend of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Elvis Presley has always captured my attention with his music, his handsome looks, and his famous dancing. Before this project I knew a lot on Elvis Presley but after this project I learned so much more about his journey and how he became the legend he is today. When Elvis Presley was born on January 8th, 1955 he suffered the loss of his twin brother at birth. Elvis would live his life feeling guilty for the loss of his brother and some of his music reflected that. After his birth, his mother, Gladys was taken to the hospital due to illness. She would never have another child again. Instantly, Elvis and Gladys grew a relationship stronger than most. His father, Vernon, would joke about it to the public all the time. Elvis’s first big breakthrough was on July 5th, 1954 when he released Thats All Right, and Blue Moon of Kentucky. From here Elvis would continue to grow in fame. However, his suggestive dancing created snickers and gossip from the older population at the time. Elvis’s main crowd was the teenagers who loved his dancing as he shook his leg and fell to his knees on the stage. The teenagers fell in love with Elvis’s compassion for his music. He had so many different types of songs. He had breakup songs, country songs, gospel songs, suggestive songs, and just classic rock and roll songs. His wide range of talent reached out to all the teenagers of any kind. When Elvis entered the military, he was only twenty-three years old. He had originally registered in 1953, at the age of nineteen. At the time it was required for all men 18 and older to register for the U.S Selective Service System. On his twenty-second birthday (January 8th, 1957) he was predicted to be drafted

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