Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Accomplishments

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“Greatest Hits” by Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen was born in Freehold, New Jersey on September 23rd, 1949. Having a fond interest in the music world, Springsteen, began learning how to play the guitar in his high school years. He developed his skill as a guitarist and eventually became what he is today. Bruce was a quick learner and because of this success he joined quite a few bands in his early days. First, he joined semi-professional bands such as “The Castiles” and “Steel Mill,” but he wanted to start his own band and write his own songs. That’s where the “E-Street Band” came into the rock scene. Bruce started up this band which consisted of his friends, and he made it his own. In 1972, Bruce signed with Columbia Records, which started his career (Marzi). This is the same record company that recorded ultimately one of the best ever rock records, “Greatest Hits.” On February, 27th 1995, Springsteen introduced his first ever compilation album called his “Greatest Hits.” This record is a collection of Springsteen's greatest hits through the years and four extra tracks at the end…show more content…
The River, as shown above, talks about relationships. Other tracks on the record that are relationship based are Born to Run, Bruce’s first single and signature song of his career, Thunder Road, which is considered one of the top rock songs of all time by "Greatest Hits (Bruce Springsteen album)," and Human Touch. Tracks that talk about previous events that occurred in his life on his “Greatest Hits” record consist of the songs Born in the U.S.A, which is stated previously, My Hometown, which talks about his past hometown, and Glory Days, which speaks of Bruce’s past glorious events of his

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