Bob Dylan Biography

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Robert Allen Zimmerman[or Bob Dylan] (1941- Still alive) Folk/rocker, songwriter and singer, Robert Allen Zimmerman, was born in May 24, 1941 – in Duluth, Minnesota, United States (A&E). He started playing several instruments as a teenager and began performing as soon as he entered the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis in 1959. He performed in bars, cafes, etc., with his band called “The Golden Chords” (Bob). The instruments he played with his band were the guitar and harmonica (RealNetworks). He gained recognition with the name of Bob Dylan; therefore, he lawfully and officially changed his name to Bob Dylan in August, 1962 (A&E). Basically, his entire career started in 1961, where he left the university and started living in Greenwich Village, New York City. He was inspired by several kinds of music: blues, rock and roll, folk, gospel and country music (Bob). Most of the songs he wrote were related politics, justice, humanity, violence and suffering, etc. In 1963, he had a relationship with Joan Baez, an American folk singer and songwriter known for her soprano style and three-octave vocal range, that lasted two years. However, this relationship was favorable to both because it promoted them with more fans; Bob Dylan wrote songs that Baez composed whereas Joan Baez introduced Dylan to most of her admirers. Because of her, by 1964, he was already playing about 200 concerts a year (RealNetworks). In 1965, most of his fans were shocked with the new album “Bringing It All Back Home” with two distinct genres: acoustic and electric (A&E). When he played his electrical songs in the Newport Folk Festival for the first time in his life on July 25, the audience ridiculed him surprisingly (A&E). He married Sara Lowndes on November 22, 1965 and adopted Lowndes daughter. They have four children: Jesse, Anna, Samuel and Jakob. He almost died in
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