Elvis Presley's Accomplishments

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Elvis Presley Who has not heard of the name Elvis Presley. He was the king of rock n roll. Presleys personal experinces, passionate preformanses, and accoplishments are important factors in understanding the contributions he has made to the world of music. Presley's life began on January 8, 1935 in Tuelpo, Mississippi (Rubel). He had a twin brother named Jessie but he was stillborn leaving Presley as a only child (Elvis.com). His parents were Veron and Glady Presley (Gentry p.25). When he was three years old his dad went to jail putting them in hard times (Gentry p.28). On Saturdays Presley would sing on the radio station WELO'S called ''The Saturday Jamboree'' (Grentry p.35). He enjoyed singing to his friends (Gentry p.36). He was raised to have a strong faith in god thats…show more content…
When he got his first guitar he had a taste of musical success by winning his high school talent show (Bio.com). In 1958 Presley went into the U.S. army he spent two years in Germany (Rubel). When he came back he married Priscilla Beavlieu in 1967 and the had a daughter named Lisa Marie in 1968 but they divorced in 1973 (Rubel). Presley stared in thirty-three sucsseful fims and made history with his telivison apperences (Elvis.com). His sales earned him gold, platuim, and multi platuim awards (Elvis.com). Presley was nominated for fourteen Grammys but only won three which one was the Grammy Lifetime Achivment Award (Elvis.com). Tragically, Presley life ended on August 16, 1977 at only fourty-two years old (Elvis.com). He died of heart failure which was due to his his drug addiction (Elvis.com). He started taking pills to sleep, pills to wake up. and pills to keep his weight down (Elvis.com). He was also an acholic and deeply depressed (Rubel). As Presley would say at the end of his preformenes ''Tank you Thank you very much''. He was one of the most influencal people in the music world, the king of rock n roll is deeply
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