Lady Antebellum: How Music Influenced Pop Culture

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According to Steven Knopper, a reporter for Rolling Stone, the song We Owned the Night by Lady Antebellum jumped to number 1 in the first week, “selling 347,000 copies” (Knopper). In 2006 Hillary Scott, Charles Kelly, and Dave Haywood came together to create a band, which they later named Lady Antebellum. Lady Antebellum is a family of musicans that has been influenced by artists such as the Allman Brothers Band and The Eagles, and they have won countless awards on their many songs. Many different people have influenced Lady Antebellum. In an interview with the lead guitarist Dave Haywood, Patrick Luce- a reporter for Monsters and Critics, reported that the three of them “pull from vocal groups like the Eagles and Allman Brothers” (Luce).…show more content…
Charles Kelly, the other lead singer, has a more of a raspy voice, and takes influence from southern rock (Luce). Last but not least, Dave Haywood, singer and lead guitarist, “really loves guitar players like James Taylor” (Luce). The inspiration that they get from those artists have lead to many awards and accomplishments in their career. Allen Cackett, a reporter for the UK magazine The Maverick, found in 2006, “one of the most popular pianists in America” (51), Jim Brickman contacted the new group to sing the single Never Alone on his new album…“ and in 2007 the song Never Alone reached number fourteen on the Billboard adult contemporary charts” (Cackett 51). Since that day, Lady Antebellum has become very popular among country music fans. Some of their most popular songs include Need You Now, and I Run to You. They have won many different awards from CMA’s all the way to the Grammy’s. At last year’s Grammy Awards, Rolling Stones reporter Matthew Perpeuta watched as the hit Need You Know won Record of The Year, Song of The Year and Country Performance by a Duo or Group” (Perpeuta). In the last four years, this trio has gone from playing in local bars and grills to walking the red carpet and winning countless awards because of this reason, who knows what will come next for this

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