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Alexander Merandi 9/10/12 Feature Article Rebecca Doverspike Merandi-1 I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. For three years I had listened to everything he had written. I’ve collected all his music. I sit daily at the piano playing and singing his songs. Finally, Elton John had come to Wheeling. Finally, Elton John was close enough for me to see in person. I had found out about the concert only a few days before the scheduled date. Would there be tickets left and would they be located well? Also, would my dad be willing to get me there? I spoke to my parents about going, but they were concerned about my studies. I still searched for tickets in hopes of realizing my dream. The next couple of days passed with no decision and tickets…show more content…
My class ended and I went quickly out to the corner where my father picks me up. He was late coming by 15 minutes which was unusual. I got in the car not expecting what I was about to be told. “Here’s your ticket, we’ll have to hurry.” I could not believe what I heard. I thought it was a cruel joke, but I looked at the printed ticket and it looked authentic. I checked the seat location, but it was hard to tell if it was a really good seat because I was not familiar with the building. We drove with not trouble until we entered Wheeling where road construction was underway. It was 7:45 pm. and we were only 5 minutes from the venue. We hit the tunnel which was a quarter of a mile long. Twenty minutes later we were on the other side. It seemed an eternity and I just quietly wondered what was going on and what I had already missed. It was now 8:05pm. My dad made his way down Main Street, pulled in front of a fire hydrant, left the car running and together we ran to what we hoped was the WesBanco Arena. Once I was through the door my dad left and I swiftly took…show more content…
I noticed the diversity of the crowd. It included families with young children, high school and college age kids. couple of every age and the elderly. I was sitting next to a middle age couple on one side and a very cool 80 year old woman on the other side. No one seemed to be immune from the music of Elton John. It certainly looked different from a rock concert where everyone looked identical. The audience was very respectful yet very enthusiastic and totally engaged. Another observation I saw was how well dress the crowd was. I realized Elton John somehow demanded a certain level of respect that crosses all demographics. Again, a sharp contrast from a typical rock concert. Merandi-4 At that moment it struck me how long Elton John has been entertaining. It has truly been decades of wowing the world with his incredibly consistent and beautiful music. Elton John’s career started in the 60‘s and he has sold over 220 million albums (thebiographychannel). Consequently, there is a wonderfully mixed crowd. It was like a beautiful mosaic that seemed to perfectly fit together. His appeal is totally mass appealing and that realization was very eye

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